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helixdivided's Journal

A Yasha Fan
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Twin Japanese boys Rei and Sei are successful experiments
in genetic engineering and human intelligence in that they are
stronger, more intelligent than other humans. No one counted on
the experiments having minds of their own, however. To keep them unaware
of their origins, the shadowy figures responsible for the twins'
creation keep them apart. Their lives couldn't have been more different.
Rin was raised in a mansion by a coldfaced businessman he called 'Dad,' while Sei was
raised in a beachhouse by the woman he called 'Mom.'

But Sei's peaceful childhood ends with the finality of a gunshot. One night,
companymen from Neogenesis shoot his mother and steal him away to America.

A little more than a decade passes. Trouble starts when Arisue Sei, now a whiz
bio-chemistry scientist, is allowed to leave America. He's sent
on a job investigating a viral outbreak in Okinawa, his hometown; his bosses at Neogenesis
want him to develop a cure and quickly before hundreds more
people die. But Okinawa island holds many surprises for him.
There he discovers the twin brother he never knew existed; there they both
discover unspeakable secrets about each other.

Why were they separated at birth? Exactly how are Sei and Rin connected
to the mysterious, fast spreading virus? And just who is behind the
creation of Rin and Sei?

This community was made for fans who enjoy the J-drama series/manga called Yasha.
Please only post relevant entries. This means DO (we'll love you forever) bring
us your Yasha fanfics, art, icons, wallpapers, screencaps, opinions and fandom
paraphernalia. DON'T spam the community with Naruto RP ads; this isn't the
place. And while this may be a precaution on our parts, don't forget to read
The Rules before posting.

This community is spoiler-free and slash-friendly.

Yasha is an 11-episode j-drama series and a sensational 12 volume manga by talented Akimi Yoshida. This series is for you, if you enjoy a good medical, action thriller full of mercenaries, break-ins, dna testing and strong bonds.

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