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06 October 2008 @ 10:23 pm
Yasha Reviews  

New here. This is my review of Yasha,possibly the best drama in the world?

In the beginning, I want to watch this, because it has Abe Hiroshi,one of my favourite Japanese actor. But I hold it first, because I don't think the main actor, aka the hero is engaging or good enough. And some more, it was adapted from a shojo manga. Well, I was wrong. Now I wish to see more Japanese drama like this one.


Yea, it started with a virus outbreak. People die, one university was assigned to investigate. They asked for help from one pharmaceutical company call Neo-Genesis. They sent a kid, Prof Arisue Sei (apparently the kanji can be pronounced as Shizuka). The drama goes into intro montage. With Sting! Desert Rose! Where the twin punched people, did a flip, run and generally being awesome. See for yourself

We got our first introduction with Arisue Sei, in form of a sex scene. And what a scene! Possibly the hottest sex scene in Japanese drama. Or any drama, since Japan TV allows nipple to be shown, so, it was quite all-out. But it was not gratitous, nope. We can say a lot of thing from this scene alone.

Firstly, Yasha was made in 2000, where Johnny's Entertainment idol groups like Arashi or Kat-Tun haven't made their names yet. The producer selected Ito Hideaki, and what a body this man has! He's tall, fit, with striking cheekbones and pouty lips. Perfect as a genetically-engineered man. I shudder to think what will happen if Yasha was made in present times, with skinny boys from JE, it will not be believable.

Then, the appearance of Kurosaki, the bodyguard. In the middle of sexual activity. And Sei's reaction? He's non-chalantly dressed up and walked away. It established the relationship Sei has with his bodyguard. Lastly, he told the woman about his own body, that it was own by Neo-Genesis. If you want to buy it, deal with them. Thus, Sei's character was established.

With Amemiya Rin, it was quite difficult to pinpoint at first. This is the younger twin, born 9 months apart, with a different surrogate mother, with a different growing environment and a different personality. We first me him in a club, dressed in jeans and shirt, with wild hair sticking all over the place. This is his look throughout the series, he looks like little teenage boys playing with his sandcastle. Yes, I have to tell myself over again, that he's evil. Don't believe the promo picture, the evil twin does not dressed in black leather.


But that's not the only shirt Rin is wearing. He was also wears a traditional Japanese garb, especially in the tea-ceremony. Which made him looks demure, and innocent, and you want to punch Mr Saeki for even suggesting that Rin has to go back to Neo-Genesis, since he belongs to the company just like Sei.

Sei grew up in an island called Okukami, with his surrogate mother, and best friend who's blind, called Moichi. They met after Sei return to Japan, and they're cute together. See?


They were separated when Sei was kidnapped by Neo-Genesis, and his mother was shot. Cue really, really angsty teenage years. With experiments, isolation cell and wrist-cutting. He's only connection? Kurosaki. Whom I believe really cares for Sei.

While Rin grew up being abused by his grandfather. The title Yasha (monster) came when Rin was being called that name by his grandfather. His only companion is Takeru, the son of his surrogate mother. That made Takeru his brother, which Takeru was jealous of when Rin called Sei his nisan.

Back to Ito Hideaki. You can act when you can play twins with different personality. You're good when you made viewer forgot that they've actually watch the same person. And you're really great when not only you have chemistry with everybody, but you even have chemistry with yourself! How? Kudos to you and your double.


He also does not have any inhibition. He showed his body around, sometimes, in quite revealing position.


Half-naked too.


And he did not blush or went out of character when he boast to Takeru, that he was much better than the girl they have threesomes with. (INCEST!!)


The mornin-after threesomes. He was into his character, that people forgot they're watching actor/idol (Yes! You! Takuya Kimura as Prime Minister- I need to review Change).


Apparently, the director is a female. That explains the hugs and the UST and slash in Yasha. Yay! It does not take the chicken way out, unlike Antique.


I have not decide which twin is more tragic. I mean, you can understand why Rin did his thing. He did have a pretty unabusive eight years growing in the household. While Sei had a pretty happy twelve years, but hellish eight years under NeoGenesis.


I can see the ending since episode five. Too much scifi for me. Usually, nothing good will come out of genetically modified stuff, and I'm proved right in Yasha. But at least they both end their existence with a family. Sei with Rin, and Rin with his mother. Although in Sei's case, it was in the final-showdown.

Cue me crying for the next 20 minutes, non-stop.

Okay, back to normal review. The direction is good, so does the editing. The special effect does not look outdated (though the Windows Media Player is). The plot moves along, you are not finding any restaurant's scene here, where people sit around and talk about stuff. I also love the colour filter they used in this drama. Really added to the mystery mood. Special mention to the music, from OP, to background, and to insert music. And they got guts, killing people before the last episode.

Which made me wonder, why didn't they put out drama like this nowadays?
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hikchan3527: Baba1hikchan3527 on December 14th, 2008 04:32 am (UTC)
You do have a nice review :)

I really love this drama and Hideaki's acting too <3